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Below is a list of our upcoming classes and workshops. To register, just complete the form on the Registration page, and we'll send you a confirmation with additional class and billing information.

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Fall 2016 Classes


Class Description

September 15-
October 13 
12:00-2:00 PM

LIFE WRITING--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

They say truth is stranger than fiction…and it’s often more interesting. This 5-week series explores creative autobiographical writing and will set you on the journey of writing from life and how to shape your experiences into a well written, absorbing story—whether memoir or personal essay. Instruction, excercises, and prompts will help you “mine” for memory and creativity, bring details to life, find structure in your memories, bring your experiences to life as developed scenes, and more. You know you have a story to tell—and you can be any age to tell it! By the end of the class, you will have made a start on your life story and have the confidence and techniques to continue.    

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $165 

First Tuesday
of Each Month--
October 4,
November 1,
December 6, 
6:30-8:30 PM


Word’s Worth begins a new tradition—an informal-tune-up-charge-your-engine writing workout. On the first Tuesday of each month you’ll gather to receive intriguing writing prompts and time to explore them. You’ll get a mini-craft lesson, loads of tips, and the opportunity to share your impromptu pieces. Turn off the inner critic, connect with fellow writers, and collect some inspiration for the month!

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $10 per Monday per month, plus bring a Friend and receive a $5 Starbucks gift card (offer good each month, participant and friend must register in advance). 

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October 11-
October 25 
6:30-8:30 PM

PLOTTING 101: The Basics and Much More--Instructor: Jeanne Estridge

You've written a novel, but somehow it just doesn't grab you the way you'd hoped. Or you love it, but when you send it out into the world, all it gathers is rejection slips. Or maybe you just want to know more about the nuts and bolts of plotting. If any of these describe your situation, then this class may be for you. Through lecture, examples and hands-on exercises, local writer and plotting wonk Jeanne Estridge, winner of the RWA® 2015 Golden Heart® for Parnormal Romance, shares the techniques used by bestselling authors and successful screenwriters. Concepts will be illustrated via examples from popular movies. In preparation for the first class, please familiarize yourself with the basic plots of: Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Wizard of Oz,  either by watching the movies and/or reading the scripts (available online, just Google "Wizard of Oz script" etc.). Registration will be limited to eight participants to allow time to focus on individual works-in-progress.         

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $115

October 19 
6:30-8:30 PM

CRAFT A LA CARTE:POINT OF VIEW--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

CRAFT A LA CARTE: POINT OF VIEW (POV), otherwise known as the narrating voice of your novel, is one of the first and most important decisions a writer makes when starting a new work. Whether to write in first person or third person--how do you decide on the POV for your novel? How do you know which style of narration is right for your story? This two-hour intensive is full of tips and exercises to help you examine the pros and cons of our POV choices and will examine how “who tells the story controls the story.”          

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $45 

December 8 
6:30-8:30 PM

CRAFT A LA CARTE: VOICE--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Whether we’re writing in first person or third, it’s vital for our characters to have distinctive voices. Even if you’re writing with an omniscient narrator, eventually there will be dialogue and when your characters talk, they should sound like individual people. We’ll use this hour to discuss what makes up a voice, look at examples of strong character voices in published work, and delve into exercises designed to help you create those individual voices in your own work.

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $45 

Coming Soon,
January 2017 


One of the most critically acclaimed series ever produced, Breaking Bad unfolds like a great novel. Much about the craft of fiction can be learned from studying this five-season, ground-breaking, multi-award winning show. Its many honors include an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and three Writers Guild Awards for Drama Series. Each night of this five-week course, we will view and focus on an iconic scene from the show, and will use those scenes to dissect and discuss the brilliant use of dialogue, character arc, symbolism, foreshadowing, character voice, and amazing lessons in plot—how to start and finish a scene, how to end a “chapter,” and more. You are not required to have watched the series, but you will benefit more fully if you have. Now available on Netflix, we encourage you to check it out—you’ll be hooked in no time. Even if the subject matter is not your cup of tea (no show—or book—will ever appeal to everyone), you can still admire and learn from the story-telling techniques of creator Vince Gilligan and his talented team.           

LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419



Manuscript Evaluations 
Katrina Kittle will evaluate novel drafts and provide in-depth, detailed feedback throughout the novel, as well as a lengthy summary at the end of what is working/what are the manuscript's strengths and suggestions for revision. Fee varies based on length of the project.
Fill out an inquiry on our Registration page for information, details, and availability.