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Below is a list of our upcoming classes and workshops. To register, just complete the form on the Registration page, and we'll send you a confirmation with additional class and billing information.

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Winter 2016 Classes


Class Description


February 9, 2016  

6:30-8:30 PM 


Point of View (POV), otherwise known as the narrating voice of your novel, is one of the first and most important decisions a writer makes when starting a new work. Whether to write in first person or third person--how do you decide on the POV for your novel? How do you know which style of narration is right for your story? This two-hour intensive is full of tips and exercises to help you examine the pros and cons of our POV choices and will examine how “who tells the story controls the story.” 

Note: NEW LOCATION, The Booksellers at Austin Landing (meet in the café area),3649 Rigby Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342


February 18, 2016  
6:30-8:30 PM


The opening of your story or novel has a huge list of responsibilities. The opening is the first impression—for agents, for editors, and for readers. The opening must create a story promise and pull the reader into the story world. It sets events in motion and establishes a mood and tone. We meet a voice and sense the story’s purpose…and decide whether or not to keep reading. This intensive two-hour class will offer tips to hone an opening, as well as warn you of traps and pitfalls to avoid. We’ll look at plenty of published samples. You don’t need to have a completed draft or even a polished opening to benefit, but bring your first page if you have one.

Note: NEW LOCATION: The Booksellers at Austin Landing (meet in the café area), 3649 Rigby Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342



Manuscript Evaluations 
Katrina Kittle will evaluate novel drafts and provide in-depth, detailed feedback throughout the novel, as well as a lengthy summary at the end of what is working/what are the manuscript's strengths and suggestions for revision. Fee varies based on length of the project.
Fill out an inquiry on our Registration page for information, details, and availability.